Workspaces have been forever changed. (Thanks, pandemic.) Regardless, commercial properties remain a mainstay on the American and global landscape, and as restrictions continue to ease – many are taking huge strides in returning to business as usual.

After a year and a half of remote working, people are ready and willing to reengage, and quality security solutions will be a key to welcoming workforces back on a larger scale.

Here are just three security expectations facing employers and property managers as the world refocuses on brighter days ahead.

  1. Don’t get touchy. No-contact access control emerged as a trend to watch in early 2021, and vigilance is leading property managers to continue urging touchless technology whenever and wherever possible. Innovative tools, such as automatic doors, mobile credentials, and the integration of facial and/or license plate recognition software will continue to limit communal touchpoints in offices and other facilities, keeping employees, customers, and guests safer overall.
  2. Keep your head in the cloud: Widespread work-from-home scenarios spurred a migration to the cloud for numerous companies who were seeking continuity assurance. Security solutions were no exception, and non-proprietary, cloud-based systems remain some of the most efficient and scalable means of keeping close tabs on your facility and its occupants, thanks to automatic backups, fully automated functionality, and a dramatically reduced need for on-premise IT.
  3. Don’t forget the security assessment: As we reawaken to a new way of working in a post-pandemic world, it will be wise to consult a quality security specialist in advance of any upgrades or significant changes. Every commercial business, regardless of size, should conduct thorough and periodic risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and take deliberate steps to eliminate them. From intrusion to inside jobs to natural disasters, your security vendor will be able to help you develop a holistic defense plan.

As the steward of a commercial property, you have certain security expectations for the remainder of the year, and every year ahead. Secom, LLC can help you develop a customized security management plan, providing peace of mind for your teams and tenants, while helping you achieve your goals on time and without incident. Contact us today to learn more.