The ability to add or subtract services and systems on a whim when your business undergoes any kind of change is perhaps one of the most important components of a seamless (and successful) security plan. Security measures and scalability like this must go hand in hand, and the advent of cloud-based infrastructure has made it all possible.

Here are just three reasons to discuss scalability needs with your security vendor.

  1. On-site systems are inherently limited. Scaling legacy security systems one way or another is often a cumbersome process at best, and a fool’s errand in a worst-case scenario. The need to pivot your security game often happens unexpectedly and with great speed, requiring immediate adaptation. Only cloud-based infrastructure offers this kind of wiggle room.
  2. Saving space (and face): On-site security hardware, like surveillance systems, is expensive, unwieldy, and vulnerable to theft, damage, and interference from nefarious outside sources – you name it. But by integrating your access control, alarms, CCTV, and more, one install allows you to manage one site or one hundred, with the ability to expand as your situation – and success – demands.
  3. Money matters: As any business owner can attest – when business is good, it’s very good. When it’s bad, well… the last thing you need is 100 CCTV cameras you can’t afford or use. Security measures and scalability must coexist so you can take a step back when the wind doesn’t blow your way, and ramp things back up when they do. A trustworthy security advisor will be able to point you in the right direction and will be happy to do so.

Secom specializes in integrated security solutions custom-tailored to small businesses, commercial and industrial facilities, and government agencies. We understand how security measures and scalability go hand in hand, and we can help you safeguard your properties from virtually anywhere in the world via a user-intuitive interface from almost any Internet-connected device. Request your quote today.