Sad but true. So many of the big security providers view their clients as nothing more than a number. A means to an end to balance the books. Support for their security measures is virtually non-existent. And quality – well, the less said the better.

It’s been a long haul this last year. The world is finally on the road to recovery. Your business’s security measures and, subsequently, your business itself, deserve more than indifference and shoddy workmanship.

The future is bright. It also remains uncertain, to a degree. The peace of mind that comes with a boutique security experience is worth its weight in gold. As your team hits the ground running, you want to know that contingencies are in place to detect, deter, and deny potential threats, while providing seamless access and authorization solutions that allow your company to work at peak efficiency.

In uncertain times, it is not only OK – it is imperative – that you demand certainty from your security provider. Consider the following:

  • Freedom to choose: We run the risk of sounding like a broken record with our repeated stance on vendor lock-in and proprietary systems and software. So be it. When your success and your future hinges on swift decisions and scalable security measures, flexibility, and ease of integration are a must. Find a provider who can service and supplement your existing systems, while taking over any service agreements you may have with other companies. It’s not a pipe dream. Secom does this all the time.
  • Integration: Pair your access control with your video surveillance setup with your intrusion detection solutions, and so on and so forth. This “all for one and one for all” mentality delivers optimal protection and scalability for your assets and employees.
  • Cloud-based excellence: State-of-the-art cloud technology makes things simple, streamlined, and easier on your wallet. Limited hardware reduces the need for on-site IT personnel and extends your reach, as cloud-based systems can be accessed instantaneously from almost anywhere in the world.
  • True accessibility: Security measures are only as good as the team that is charged with installing and maintaining them. Make sure you have a vendor that provides around-the-clock service and can reach you when you need assistance.

Secom’s technicians are at the ready whenever you need assistance, regardless of the time of day. We provide support for all security systems within a four-hour radius of our Columbia, Md. headquarters. Call 410-309-9911 to learn more or schedule an appointment.