Every commercial business is unique and must have a security plan.

As the nation takes gradual steps to reopen and restructure post-pandemic – with all of the precautions and new protocols such steps require – each commercial business will face new challenges and will develop new, unique ways of operating.

The optimal methods of maintaining the sanctity and security of your property, your customers, and your employees have not changed, however. Burglaries, break-ins, vandals, hackers, and inside jobs will continue to be threats, just as they were four months ago. Reputable vendors can custom tailor security plans for your commercial business to meet its individual needs as they evolve and change in the coming months and years.

Keep the following three mandates in mind as you return to the workplace.

  1. Scalability is key. As your business grows or changes, you want to be able to restructure systems as needed. A quality security vendor will be able to upgrade systems and solutions at a moment’s notice, and just as easily remove systems completely as the situation dictates. Make certain you are paying only for those services you require, with the option to scale up or down as needed.
  2. Fortify all points of entry. Be sure to evaluate all angles of your business or property for potential vulnerabilities and strategically place cameras to provide comprehensive, around-the-clock visibility. Ensure that all accessible windows are covered, in addition to back entrances. Authorized personnel should be able to monitor multiple sites simultaneously, in real-time, using an intuitive single-user interface. Which leads us to…
  3. Integrate. Don’t settle for just one security solution. For maximum coverage, intrusion detection systems such as motion detectors and contact sensors; closed-circuit surveillance cameras; and visitor entry solutions can be implemented to seamlessly work in unison, providing your property with boosted efficiency at a lower upfront cost.

For decades, Secom, LLC, has provided commercial businesses with state-of-the-art integrated security systems and will be there for your company as it takes the necessary steps to recover.

Our technicians have more than 50 years of security design, implementation, and service experience, and can help you craft custom physical and cybersecurity plans for your commercial business, while seamlessly integrating new services with your current infrastructure.

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