For most people, Halloween is a fun and exciting time to play pretend and foster the imagination, while enjoying a few good scares in relative safety. But occurrences of vandalism, trespassing, and break-ins are all too real, and tend to spike around Oct. 31. This is where some small business security tips can be handy.

In fact, the night before Halloween – known to many as Devil’s Night or Mischief Night – is traditionally used by participants as an excuse to hurl toilet paper, destroy public property, and just wreak havoc in general.

Protect your property, your employees, and your customers with the following small business security tips:

  • Lock up tight: If your business is closed during prime witching hours, make sure all doors and windows are secured, and make certain you are aware of who has after-hour access. Network and cloud-based access control systems can help you keep tabs on multiple entry points at your commercial property.
  • Set your alarms: Test all systems in advance of the holiday. This is probably a good time to reassess your alarm systems (and security, as a whole) and determine if any outdated tech needs an upgrade.
  • Make sure your business is well lit: Ample security lighting can provide a significant deterrent to criminal activity in and around your property. Motion-sensor floodlights are ideal, alerting you to any wayward children of the night and eliminating the things they would otherwise do in the shadows.
  • Implement video surveillanceCCTV cameras remain your best contingency should any paranormal activity occur when you’re not on site. Make certain all access points are monitored, as well as low-traffic areas that could provide an easy target for vandals. Remember: placement of surveillance cameras is critical.

Secom specializes in security system integration, ensuring that your small business operates at peak efficiency continuously. Better yet, our open architecture approach guarantees you will never be conned into purchasing proprietary software or equipment.

Call us at 240-374-1475 or reach out online today. And have a happy, secure Halloween.