A security threat is a security threat, but like everything else –certain variations exist depending on the season and the unique vulnerabilities it presents. In this article, I will detail some summer security threats to look out for.

Take the summer months, for example. The sun is shining, the days are longer, and the sweltering heat can cause even the most prepared business owner to drop their guard from time to time. There are also more people out and about – and crowds can yield certain opportunities for criminals, and certain dangers for your business.

Here are just three summer security threats to be aware of and to talk to your security vendor about.

  1. Thick as Thieves: Retailers beware. A common summer scam is for groups of shoplifters to enter a retail business where they divide the attention of the employees and then conquer by taking off with bags of stolen items. Strategically placed dome cameras can provide maximum coverage for your business, while also acting as a visual deterrent for such criminals.
  2. Cool Customers – or Cool Criminals? Hot time? Summer in the city? If you own or operate an air-conditioned retail business or commercial building, don’t be surprised to find it an impromptu place of refuge for people seeking a cool respite from the sun this season. A lot of strangers milling about can sometimes be a recipe for trouble. Protect the more sensitive spaces in your building with a quality access control system. Remember: you’re the one calling the shots regarding who has access to your property. Consult with your security partner to determine the best measures to keep your property and people safe.
  3. Vacation Time Vandals: Sure, someone is typically left to “mind the shop” with most commercial and retail businesses, even if management heads to the tropics for some R&R. But there may be times when small businesses close their doors for an extended period, whether for holidays or unexpected circumstances. And times – they are a-changin’. With hybrid workforces and remote staff now commonplace, empty offices during vacation season will likely be on the rise. And that’s an all-too-easy target for thieves. Any security vendor worth its salt will tell you the same: it is critical for surveillance measures to remain operable during these downtimes to protect your workplace and assets from summer security threats while you are away.

Secom offers comprehensive security measures designed to eliminate the risk of summer security threats. From comprehensive surveillance solutions to integrating your CCTV systems with alarms, access control, intrusion detection, and more – our team can help you design an efficient and cost-effective security plan. Call us at 240-374-1475, or reach out online to get started.