Every company should be conducting a thorough risk assessment in the wake of the pandemic and in conjunction with a more expansive return to pre-pandemic workplace activity. This is because there are many physical security dangers that need to be accounted for.

According to experts, some of the top physical security dangers facing employers and their teams in 2022 may include:

  1. Theft: As mentioned in a previous blog, crime rates were on the rise during the early days of the pandemic, and they continue to be a concern across the board. And criminals have become even savvier throughout periods of lockdown, committing crimes that may have once been relegated to a movie screen. “Flash mob” burglaries dominated headlines in late 2021, with swarms of thieves planning coordinated attacks via social media platforms. These robberies were (and are) designed to overwhelm and/or evade a traditional security guard presence, requiring businesses to up their security game. In many cases, such crimes have made hiring new security personnel challenging in an environment where staffing woes already run rampant. Many retail businesses are exploring new safeguards. Quality security vendors can help by suggesting strategic lighting solutions and comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  2. Work-from-home vulnerabilities: Remote operations continue to be a fixture of many businesses and will likely remain that way indefinitely. But this has also made establishing physical security protocols for your employees and your various assets that much more challenging. Tracking the comings and goings of your personnel in a hybrid environment will also be more important than ever, and quality visitor management systems installed by a reputable vendor will be essential for flawless recordkeeping. Talk to your security vendor about around-the-clock remote management systems that can cater to your employees’ varying schedules, while permitting access to on-site personnel, vendors, maintenance crews, and more. Finally, integrating your IT with your IoT (Internet of Things) solutions will also be integral, allowing you to visualize, monitor, and protect devices across multiple networks.
  3. Violence in the workplace: Tensions remain high. Verbal and physical threats, not to mention actual assaults, are occurring at offices and workspaces at an alarming rate, perpetrated by coworkers, clients, and outside forces. Your employees are, by far, your most important asset – and allowing them to feel safe and secure when they are working on your behalf should be paramount. Access control systems will be critical to keeping close tabs on all visitors permitted entry to your business, even those who are authorized personnel. State-of-the-art surveillance systems, too, can help to pinpoint problem areas and sources of potential threat within your business, allowing you to take immediate action.

Secom, LLC understands the physical security dangers facing commercial and industrial properties, as well as government agencies, today. We will help you take all necessary precautions to safeguard your assets and pursue future successes.