Maryland’s excruciating heatwave continues, and AC-related bills are skyrocketing. Summer can get expensive for businesses, particularly those trying to balance a budget while keeping employees cool and productive at the same time.

Fortunately, smart thermostat controls for businesses are now available that provide more efficient and consistent climate control for workspaces of all sizes.

Here are four ways your business may benefit from implementing an automated system:

  1. Conserve energy and reduce costs: Move beyond the entire on/off dilemma. Thermostat controls for business are a surefire way to reduce energy costs and waste, while saving your company precious time and money. Just imagine:
  • Automated controls help you avoid overpaying on extremely hot or cold days. Some systems can even access real-time local weather conditions, allowing you to adjust your thermostat accordingly and saving you money when the heat spikes or vice versa.
  • Create custom schedules for each day of the week and holidays. Many smart thermostats even adjust for Daylight Savings Time.
  • Heat and cool by zone using one centralized monitoring system.
  • Built-in analytics can help you gauge your heating and cooling usage and adjust accordingly, making processes more reliable and efficient.
  1. Create a cohesive workplace: Smart thermostat systems help to increase employee comfort and – ultimately – productivity. They are also ideal for offices in which employees do not have a set, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule.
  • Schedule your heat to activate on a cold winter’s morning before your staff arrives, then program settings to lower when everyone leaves for the night.
  • Set a temperature range that compliments your office, enable lock outs remotely, and even integrate your smart thermostat with lighting systems and building access controls.
  1. Be in the know: Receive notification on your smartphone in the event of drastic temperature changes, when someone adjusts the thermostat while you are out, or when other anomalies occur. Many offices grind to a standstill when the HVAC system goes awry to prevent employees from working in the frigid cold or sweltering heat. Thermostat controls for businesses can alert business owners to potential problems in advance, allowing repairs to take place before a complete shutdown occurs.
  2. Safety. Some thermostat controls for business are equipped with an automatic shutoff to limit circulation if smoke or carbon monoxide fumes are detected.

Are you interested in increasing your company’s energy efficiency – or literally making your business a cooler place to work? Give Secom a call at 240-374-1475 to learn more about thermostat controls for business, and to request a free quote.