Uncertainty and instability shook the nation in 2020, leading to significantly higher expectations from business owners regarding their security and surveillance systems as the world inches toward brighter days.

Experts are keeping a close eye on the following top surveillance trends throughout the new year. Business owners and government agencies would be wise to do the same.

  • Cloud-based systems: Cost-efficient and versatile, cloud-based systems will only continue to grow in popularity. Immensely scalable, cloud-based systems allow for cameras to be added or upgraded at any time to meet a company’s unique needs, while automatic updates ensure that surveillance systems remain consistently viable. And because video is stored safely in the cloud, damage, loss, and theft of physical media is eliminated, and the need for on-site IT personnel is reduced.
  • Artificial Intelligence advancements: Specialists and manufacturers believe this may be the year that widespread adoption of AI takes root, thanks to advancements in deep learning that yield higher precision and lower costs. This may ultimately allow video surveillance to move beyond its security underpinnings to provide actionable data and analytics for businesses that could ultimately be used for operational efficiency.
  • Regulatory concerns: Expect privacy regulations and procedures outlining the protection of personally identifiable information and data captured using video surveillance to be a huge focal point post-pandemic, as the technology’s use for compliance purposes becomes more commonplace, accepted, and necessary.
  • Integration: Interconnectivity is the name of the game in 2021, and the old days of vendor lock-in that demand pricey upgrades for proprietary systems will soon be a thing of the past. By integrating surveillance with other security measures, business owners will be able to seamlessly monitor access points across multiple properties at a whim, from virtually anywhere, with far greater accuracy and speed.
  • No-contact solutions: Video surveillance is already helping business owners enforce face mask usage and social distancing, while simultaneously tracking building occupancy. We will likely see an increase in automated processes such as license plate recognition to further limit physical contact.

Secom will continue to monitor emerging top surveillance trends as they develop and influence our own security offerings. And as we say “so long” to a tumultuous year, rest assured that our team remains in your corner, and on the job. We remain ready and willing to support decision-makers in any way we can, from small business security to assisting government agencies with SCIF installation and so much more. Our team also specializes in emergency preparedness and follows national frameworks and guidelines to help our clients improve their response to emergency incidents.

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