Property Managers must be many things to many people – and places. Tenants, tradesmen, and vendors rely on you to be a quick thinker who can remain calm during a crisis, and adaptable at all times. The buildings and properties you oversee demand a conscientious steward who is good with money AND regular maintenance. It’s a lot of hats to wear, a lot of balls to juggle, and a lot of decisions to make on any given day.

Here are just four common property manager dilemmas that can be solved with a single, user-intuitive security platform.

  1. Santa Claus Syndrome: In other words, you can’t be everywhere at once (even if it feels like you’re traveling the world in just one night). As a professional who is constantly on the go, a user-intuitive security platform can help you control multiple sites from the road. Visitor management systems, access control, and video surveillance systems are phenomenal technological assets – but integrating them to work in tandem as your eyes and ears when you are not on premises is the key.
  2. Productivity SNAFUS: Think about it – do you know for sure that your business opened on time today? If there is any lingering doubt, integrated security solutions, managed via a user-intuitive security platform, will help you keep close tabs on your business, your team, and your bottom line. Make certain your employees and team members are where they are supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there, and know when corrective measures – or praises – are called for.
  3. Mounting Operating Costs: Property Management is riddled with varied incurred expenses. When you bring all of your properties and facilities under one, user-intuitive security platform, you automatically reduce your operating expenses. Unite your video surveillance and existing access control systems and manage them from anywhere you happen to be at any time using any Internet connected device. Manage multiple locations in a matter of minutes. View open and close times, temperatures, arming status, and more, and create automated tasks that are applicable for all locations – with just one click. This saves you time and money, while freeing up multiple resources and allowing you to redirect manpower to more mission critical tasks.
  4. Conflicting Priorities: You know the drill. You have a meeting already set downtown, but another property you manage just phoned with an urgent request. By wrapping your access control and video surveillance systems are under one user-intuitive security platform, you can address the property’s problem while enroute to your meeting, without needing to reschedule and possibly damage your reputation.

Secom specializes in comprehensive systems integration controlled by a single user-intuitive security platform. We can help you take full control of your properties and their security, allowing you to face any crisis or dilemma head on. Contact us today for a free quote and ask about our in-house financing.