While we continue to navigate a post-pandemic world, society has largely returned to business as usual, with offices, retail stores, medical clinics, and more open to the public. The question is frequently raised: are visitor management systems – so critical amid a no-touch, no chances – still viable defenses?

Of course, the answer is that they always have been and always will be.

Here are just three reasons not to pull the plug on your operation’s visitor management systems, and why you should reassess their efficacy if upgrades are called for.

  1. Hands-free efficiency: Sure, the world at large may have moved on (or is striving to), but many individuals – i.e., your customers – may not be at that place just yet. Over the last two years, many visitor management systems were integrated with existing security systems to provide touchless amenities. This not only offered increased convenience but also better peace of mind. Contactless check-in procedures will continue to be a boon for your company when customers can register for services, sign for purchases, and enter rooms without the need to have hand sanitizer at the ready.
  2. Fewer crowds: All things being equal, we still want to avoid packed lobbies and waiting rooms when at all possible as we continue to deal with virus spread. Quality visitor management systems allow us to do just that. After all, there are only so many guests your front-desk personnel or receptionist can cater to at one time. Automated systems streamline services and keep traffic moving smoothly, which eliminates bottleneck situations and burgeoning crowds. Better yet, they take the burden off of your on-site staff, allowing them to interface with customers directly and take care of their needs.
  3. A deterrent to intruders. Just like strategically placed surveillance cameras make potential problem-makers think twice, professionally installed visitor management systems do the same. Individuals who have no business being in your facility or office space should get the hint when they see that entry is contingent on certain requirements, like photo IDs. In that same vein, contemporary systems can make printing ID badges a snap. By issuing each of your guests with these credentials, you can easily identify visitors who do not belong, significantly reducing the risk of a breach by unauthorized personnel.

Secom specializes in visitor management systems with multi-unit functionality that delivers seamless communication between your team members and facilities. Our open architecture approach to doing business guarantees that you are never cornered into purchasing proprietary equipment or software. Reach out to learn more.