Secom was referred to this Bio Tech company in Rockville, MD by another customer of ours.  This customer was in dire straits because the provider they were using just couldn’t get things right, and on several occasions they lost lab samples due to inadequate design and system implementation.  They had a unique situation because they needed several layers of security and critical condition monitoring of close to 100 freezers, refrigerators and other laboratory equipment.

We provided an access control, CCTV and monitored Intrusion Detection System all utilizing the same Graphical User Interface.  During the day, the receptionist is able to monitor all activity and respond accordingly.  At night and on weekends, the system is automatically armed for remote central station monitoring of system.  The customer contracted us to do quarterly inspections of the system to ensure reliability.  Since 2008, the system has been error free and the customer couldn’t be more satisfied.