This particular client has multiple locations around the country and the security director needed a system that could easily be managed as he traveled from site to site. Our sales team presented two options; one was a traditional access control system that resides behind their firewall and would allow them to access the system via VPN. The second was a cloud-based access control and video solution that he could manage from any internet connected device. After seeing live demonstrations of both systems the customer decided to go with the cloud-based access control solution.

Fast forward 2 years and the customer couldn’t be happier with his decision. From his internet
connected smartphone/tablet/pc he can manage in excess of 40 locations.
This includes adding/deleting cardholders, unlocking doors, setting schedules, etc… From the same user
interface, he is also able to review and watch live video as well as video associated with events logged in
the database. His productivity as a security manager has increased and he is far more efficient using the
cloud-based solution than he would have been with a traditional access control and CCTV solution.
Being able to manage the system “on the fly” has also increased the security of his facilities by not
having to wait until he gets back to the office to administer the system. Increased efficiency + greater
security is a win/win for any security professional.

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