Secom received a call from a customer who needed a quote for a CCTV System that would record activities of the interior and exterior of their facility. The client is a rapidly growing government contractor and they wanted detailed coverage of the parking area to include license plates for any car entering the parking lot. On the other hand the client only needed routine coverage of the property and the interior of the building. Our competitors proposed an IP only camera system, but the client mentioned that bandwidth and network resources were stretched thin because they were adding remote offices to meet requirements for contracts they recently won. Secom proposed a hybrid (analog and IP) system including IP cameras that met the required coverage for the parking lot, but utilized analog cameras to cover the remainder of the perimeter and the interior of the building. The analog cameras provided a clear picture of any intruder while the IP cameras could pick up the small print of a license plate in motion.

Secom also proposed building a small secondary network so the client wouldn’t lose any bandwidth or network resources to the surveillance systems. The end result was a proposal that came in at nearly half the cost of our competitors while allowing our client to commit their network resources toward more profitable endeavors.