Our client was located in downtown D.C. where the perimeter access control system was managed by a competitor.  Per the advice of the building manager, they asked this company to provide a quote for three doors of access control.  Like many companies, our client had no idea about the cost associated with a card access system, but they knew the price they received seemed way out of line.  They engaged Secom, along with a few additional companies, to provide them with a quote for a system comparable to what they had already received.

Secom proposed a premise-based access control system that was more “feature rich” than our competitors, and our price was significantly less than what was proposed by the other companies.  Additionally, Secom was able to utilize the cards that the building manager gave them to gain entry via the access control system.  This allowed our customer to have a single card solution, whereas our competitors all had the customer using 2 separate cards (one to enter the building, one to enter suite).  Since the original installation, Secom has added 6 more doors to the suite and protected another facility for them in Chantilly, VA.