As the year draws near its close, many businesses begin to take stock in the successes and road bumps of the previous 12 months, in hopes of making important adjustments for the year ahead.

A company’s security plan – and its efficacy – is a significant component of this annual review.

Take the time, now, to review your safety measures. Make sure that the following four top security tools are well represented:

  1. Access control: The best access control solutions are simply about allowing the right people in at the right times while keeping those who may pose a threat to your business and its assets where they belong: anywhere else. Access control systems deliver optimal visibility for you and your team, providing real-time alerts and detailed logs whenever someone comes or goes, while also boosting efficiencies and enhancing your authentication processes. Thanks to cloud-based tech, you can authorize personnel with just a click or two from anywhere in the world, lock and unlock doors, activate alarms, and create mobile credentials at the drop of a hat – all with a user-intuitive interface accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  2. Surveillance: We live in a digitally voyeuristic world, where everyone is watching everything at all times. Because of that, your surveillance systems must not only keep pace with the know-how of a savvy public – and a continuously evolving criminal element – but surpass it. Cloud-based video surveillance is a must for almost any commercial enterprise. Its plug & play functionality makes it simple to install and seamlessly integrate with other security measures. Advanced tech can even detect changes in temperature, smoke, and more – providing further protection for your assets in the event of a fire, flood, or similar crisis. Surveillance ultimately allows you to keep a close watch on your properties 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, while minimal monthly fees, immense scalability, and automatic backups and upgrades help you to meet the needs of your company, even as it’s growing. It’s a no-brainer.
  3. Security Assessments: Less of a tool, and more of a test – your business should nonetheless be conducting regular security assessments to ensure that you’ve dotted the I and crossed the T in “security.” Why? Because when a crisis occurs, there is frequently little time to think, if there is any at all. Routine audits of your security measures and plan allow you to pinpoint any inefficiencies and/or vulnerabilities and make any necessary upgrades. A reputable security vendor can further help you craft a comprehensive security plan that does not hinge on your purchase or use of a proprietary system or software.
  4. Asset Protection: This unique tool allows you to tag and track important assets in your business such as laptops, furniture, and even printed documents. An RFID tag or a barcode allows assets to be synched with your integrated alarm and surveillance systems. This helps business owners know where their assets are at all times and fosters more systematic monitoring and management of inventory. Ultimately, it helps to eliminate the cost of replacing lost or missing assets and mitigates the need for time-consuming searches. Alarms can even be triggered if anyone attempts to remove the tagged items from your office, workspace, or facility. Asset protection is a perfect addition to any doctor’s office and or government entity.

Secom, LLC regularly assists business owners with timely security upgrades and the implementation of top security tools. Of course, each business is different and has different needs. And there are ultimately far more than just three considerations to make when protecting your business and its assets. Customization and cost-effectiveness are our specialties, as is an open-architecture brand of doing business, ensuring that you are never sidelined by vendor lock-in that insists on proprietary equipment or software. Contact us today to learn more.