Commercial Security

Protect Your Properties, Profits, and Personnel

As a top-rated commercial security company, Secom provides layered security solutions for:

  • Multi-Location Businesses
  • Businesses in excess of 3,000 square feet
  • Industrial Businesses or Warehouses
  • National Businesses

Increase your commercial property’s productivity, prevent unauthorized access and theft, and create a safer workplace environment using a combination of integrated security solutions.


Enhance overall safety and security. Safeguard sensitive areas, reduce the risk of unauthorized entry, manage employee access, and maintain a secure commercial environment.


Real-time monitoring & coverage of all activity on your premises. Deter potential intruders & maintain valuable evidence in the event of security incidents. Monitor your property from anywhere, ensuring vigilance & peace of mind.


Receive immediate alerts in the event of unauthorized access or other security breaches. Integrate with other security measures for a comprehensive safety net, ensuring prompt response to potential threats.


Controlling access is key to maintaining security and order in high traffic areas. Track guest movements, prevent unauthorized access, and maintain an accurate record of all visitors.


Secom’s systems integration solutions ensure that all safeguards and security components – from alarms to access control – work in harmony. Simplify management, increase efficiency, and respond quicky to security situations.



Eliminate Hardware Hassles and IT Costs

Our comprehensive cloud-based video surveillance and access control systems can be managed on the move from any Internet connected device.

  • Add and delete cardholders.
  • Unlock and lock doors.
  • Set schedules.
  • Access and review live and recorded video from any place, at any time.

Your Trusted Source for Non-Proprietary Solutions 

Secom is not your standard commercial security system company. We will never push proprietary products on unsuspecting customers, and our technicians regularly service systems installed by other vendors.

Our goal is creating a safe, secure environment for your property – not ensnaring you with unserviceable technology.

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Your Trusted Security Partner for Over 20 Years. 

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