Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems

Build a Better Burglar Alarm

Secom’s intrusion alarm systems can be customized using a combination of state-of-the-art tools to meet the unique security needs of your commercial facility:

Motion detectors

Glass break sensors

Photoelectric beam detectors

Window & door alarms

Our intrusion detection systems (IDS) have proven extremely effective in multiple commercial markets, including automotive, retail, education, banking, manufacturing, and more.

  • Provide peace of mind for your patrons and employees.
  • Reinforce your reputation as a safe, secure place to work and do business.
  • Significantly reduce false alarms, saving you time and stress.

Increased Efficiency with Integrated Systems

Secom’s alarm systems are always on the job, and can be integrated with your property’s access control or cloud-based CCTV to provide the ultimate security plan:

  • Arm and disarm all intrusion alarm systems using an intuitive user interface.
  • Receive customized text or email alerts when alarms are triggered for any reason, and immediately access CCTV cameras to determine cause.
  • View video footage in real-time of everyone coming and going from your commercial business.

Additionally, clients who take advantage of our managed services have access to our 24-hour monitoring station. When your intrusion detection system is triggered, a dedicated team can assess the situation and alert the proper authorities.

Your facility’s safety can start with a consultation with one of Secom’s trained technicians.


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