Multi-Location Accounts

A ‘Pocket Expert’ for Peace of Mind

Secom, LLC can help you plan, acquire, and manage security for your multi-location accounts, in all realms and at all levels.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing every one of your locations is safe, secure, and under your complete control.

  • Consultation: Talk with our specialists about your business or agency’s unique needs. Who are you, what are your goals, and what is your vision for security?
  • Planning: Our experienced team can then help you assess your gameplan, providing professional alternatives and advice to help manage any budgetary constraints.
  • Acquisition: We have unparalleled access to the tools, techniques, and industry experts that will help you transform your security vision into a reality.
  • Management: Let us help you streamline platforms, integrate technology with your unique policies and procedures, and deliver ongoing support.

Providing Answers and Preventing Complications

Secom, LLC is standing by, whenever you need us, for whatever reason.

Our goal is to deliver a customer experience no one else can provide via:

  • Unification and Platformization: Secom specializes in the simplification of multi-site security management.
  • Qualified, Certified, and Credentialed Staff: Our dedicated team is authorized to perform security assessments, feasibility reports, and engineered security plans.
  • Trusted and Vetted Partners: We collaborate with the best professionals and specialists for security installations, training, IT, cyber, and related products and services.
  • Project Management: All security installations are fully managed by experienced and certified project managers, including multi-trade coordination.
  • UL 2050 Certification: Our credentials allow us to service clearance and security needs at the highest levels.
  • Expansive Manufacturer Relations: Products and services from multiple manufacturers allow us to customize solutions to meet specific functionality requirements and budgets.
  • Training and Support: Manufacturer-sponsored training and dedicated in-house support.
  • Security Consulting & Emergency Response Planning: Our team includes experienced, certified experts in physical security, CPTED, incident management, and emergency response.
  • Certified Engineers: Our experienced engineers continuously develop plans to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Customer Service: Our in-house experts stand ready to assist with any questions or service requests you may have, at any time.
  • National Reach: Secom successfully services all 50 states.

Your Partner in Platformization

Expansion leads to better exposure and more customers, but it also demands consistency across all storefronts and offices.

Secom will help you maintain a unified front across all multi-location accounts, helping you to grow a stronger, safer future for your employees, your clients, and your bottom line.



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