Private School Security

Prioritize Safety in Your Private School

Today’s private schools face unique challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

With increasing concerns surrounding school violence and active shootings, it is essential for private educational institutions, despite their smaller size and close-knit communities, to proactively address these threats.

Secom is dedicated to providing specialized and robust security solutions that respect the unique environment of your private school:


Custom alerts for smaller campuses ensure immediate response to breaches and/or unauthorized entry.


Advanced tech allows office staff to consistently manage campus entry points and those of affiliated buildings or facilities – particularly during pick-up, drop-off, and other busy times. Properly screen all visitors to know who is on campus, and when.


Advanced monitoring solutions, including AI-based firearm detection, keep tabs on the unique and occasionally non-traditional layouts of private school campuses.

Focused Solutions for Unique Educational Settings

When partnering with Secom, your private school will benefit from security systems specifically designed for smaller, more intimate educational settings:

  • Door Prop Alarms: Customizable to the specific needs and schedules of private schools.
  • Mass Communication/Alerts: Swift and effective communication tailored for smaller communities, ensuring all members are promptly informed in case of emergencies.
  • Lockdown Protocols: Easily manageable lockdown systems, designed for quick activation in smaller facilities.
  • Facial Recognition: Biometric systems to enhance the familiarity aspect of private school communities, while prohibiting unauthorized access.
  • License Plate Recognition: Efficient monitoring of vehicles, crucial for campuses with unique layouts.
  • Gunshot and Gun Detection: Cutting-edge technology for immediate detection and response, vital even in the close-knit environment of private schools.
  • Metal/Weapons Detection: Custom solutions offer discreet yet effective screening.
  • System and Building Integration: Seamless integration of security systems, respecting the unique architectural features of private school campuses.
  • Bullet Resistance/Bullet Proofing: Essential protective measures, adapted to the aesthetics and design of private schools.
  • Security Guards: Tailored guard response services suited for a private school’s smaller scale and specific needs.

Interested in ensuring the safety of your private school with a security partner that understands and respects your unique educational environment? Secom offers free vulnerability assessments for private schools. We will help you develop a comprehensive and customized security approach.

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