Religious Institution Security

Protect Your Congregation from Increasing Dangers

Access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and alarms are all part of an integrated security plan for any commercial, religious, or industrial facility.

The world is changing, however, and your religious institution or school must move beyond core church, synagogue, mosque or other house of worship security systems to include emergency preparedness services and safeguards specific to your unique facility.

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Religious Institutions

Your church, temple, mosque, or other religious institution is a special place that needs to protect itself from the world outside. Together with our expert security partners, Secom will be your trusted source for church safety, eliminating hassles and optimizing defenses:


  • Door Props – One simple step can save lives. Programmable door prop alarms alert authorized personnel whenever a door has been ajar longer than specified.
  • Mass Communication/Alerts – Instantly dispatch real-time threat or emergency alerts to your entire membership and provide immediate, actionable data to mitigate risk.
  • Lock Down – Activate or cancel campus-wide lockdowns remotely with a user-intuitive interface accessible from any Internet-connected device. Create custom plans and protocols based on urgency.
  • Facial Recognition – Leverage biometric technology to verify and authenticate – or decline – visitors to your religious institution.
  • License Plate Recognition – Access and review identifying numbers on automobiles that are parked or in motion, while accounting for speed, sunlight, weather conditions, and more. Automatically alert authorized personnel if suspicion is raised based on specified guidelines.
  • Gun Shot Detection – Accurately detect, locate, and record the sound of gunfire in or nearby your religious institution and immediately alert the proper authorities.
  • Metal/Weapons Detection – Detect concealed guns, knives, and other contraband intended to be used for harm – and prevent them from entering your nonprofit facility.
  • System and Building Integration – Create a unified front for safety within your religious institution. Bring all security measures under one cohesive interface and operate at peak efficiency at all times.
  • Bullet Resistance/Bullet Proofing – Defend your facility from gunfire, shattered windows, attempted break-ins, and more.
  • Security Guards – Never wait for help. Secom’s armed or unarmed guard response services, available through our comprehensive security package, meet all response times consistently.

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Secom offers a free vulnerability site assessment for religious institutions seeking a comprehensive security approach.

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