Systems Integration

Present a Unified Front for Safety

With security systems integration by Secom, clients benefit from one comprehensive solution, combining:

A sum much greater than its parts, your integrated security system offers multiple benefits:


Lower upfront costs

Pay for one primary installation, instead of being subject to multiple setups and resulting fees.


Increased Efficiency

Installation is expedited, and employee training is streamlined.


Heightened Scalability

Easily add or upgrade components as your security needs change or expand.


Improve uptime

Secom ensures on-the-spot solutions whenever required.

Get Everything Under Control

Security systems integration ensures your commercial building or facility operates at peak efficiency at all times.


  • Control all systems through a single interface and authorize employees to monitor and activate security features from anywhere in your building.
  • View video footage in real-time to detect the cause of a triggered alarm, and lock or unlock doors with just one tap of your smartphone or mobile device.
  • Permit or prohibit elevator and floor access.
  • Receive detailed security reports and data from one central hub, instead of multiple divisions.
  • Integrate fire alarms with all building systems solutions to ensure safe, swift evacuation of employees and visitors.
  • Automate HVAC and lighting to activate and deactivate based on employee arrivals and departures, saving time, money, and energy.
  • Stay current with all industry codes and regulations. Secom’s systems are easily upgraded and updated.
  • Keep your existing systems. Secom can easily integrate with your existing security, so you will never have to “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Additionally, our open architecture approach to doing business means will never push proprietary software or hardware on customers and limit their ability to keep their company secure.

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