Visitor Entry Systems

Who Goes There?

Secom’s comprehensive visitor management system for commercial and institutional facilities include entry solutions such as commercial intercoms with high-definition audio and video functionality.


  • See and hear everyone attempting to enter your facility and verify their identity prior to granting access.
  • Easily integrate with your property’s access control systems for additional layers of security.
  • Multi-unit functionality provides security for one or more sites and allows for seamless communication between buildings and management.
  • Make your facilities safer for employees and guests, alike, and boost your reputation as a conscientious buisness.

More of a Welcome, Less of a Wait

Secom’s visitor management system streamlines efficiency, allowing your front desk personnel to concentrate on primary tasks and personalized customer service, instead of printing badges and managing visitor logs.


  • Digital pre-registration makes check-ins quick and easy.
  • Front desk personnel can visually match guests with their credentials using an online database.
  • Watchlists can be generated for prohibited individuals and/or VIPs.
  • Scannable visitor’s badges implementing bar codes keep track of guests wherever they roam.
  • Integration with access control systems keeps lobby traffic to a minimum and ensures the right people have the right access to sensitive and/or restricted areas.
  • Real-time entry and exit data offer unique insight into client activity, as well as the efficacy of your own staff.


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