There are typically four choices available to business owners who are seeking to select the best credentialing system for their company: key fobs, keycards, custom photo ID badges, and mobile passes. All offer varying degrees of versatility and durability, and some will always be better than others in any given situation. Believe it or not, most are interchangeable when used with contemporary access control systems. Still, for budget and time’s sake, it behooves facility managers to choose the best credentialing system for their particular needs. Here are just four steps to making the most informed decision.

  1. Determine how your credentials will be implemented. If you’re looking for simplicity – mobile passes may be the way to go, as they transform every employee’s smartphone into an impromptu keycard for optimal convenience. That being said, ID badges on lanyards are reliable and expedient, while fobs are far more durable for more rugged workspaces.
  2. Consider longevity. As mentioned, the size and manufacturing of fobs make them a worthy contender for industrial settings, whereas keycards – and to some degree badges – may be more vulnerable to damage, misplacement, and even theft. That being said, low-frequency, contactless proximity cards, and copy-resistant smart cards may prove the most beneficial and economic options for security environments that experience little change from year to year.
  3. Refer to your budget. Mobile passes are, by far, the easiest on the wallet, whereas the price tag for basic clamshells to premium credentials can run your company anywhere from a buck to almost $10 per unit.
  4. Be wary of online orders. Bulk shipments of keycards or fobs from online retailers may look enticing but beware. Sometimes, you’ll luck out with a cost-effective and custom order. Others, you may not be so fortunate, and wind up with a mishmash of facility codes and/or out-of-whack serial numbers.

Secom can help you choose the best credentialing system for your business. Our team has decades of experience installing and maintaining access control systems and regularly helps companies of all sizes protect their property, their assets, and their employees. Contact us today to learn more.