COVID-19 has affected the entire world and forced everyone to live and work in different ways for the time being. This is why you need to protect your business from threats beyond COVID-19.

For business owners and property managers, however, concentrating all efforts on one danger and one danger only can leave their properties and people exposed.

The Department of Homeland Security recently sent a memo to law enforcement officials warning that extremists could take advantage of the pandemic to incite violence and carry out attacks in the U.S., though there is currently “no information indicating any active plotting is underway.”

In other words, an outbreak could potentially provide a perfect window for the bad guys to act and get a bigger bang for their buck.

Additionally, the current pandemic has raised concerns regarding cybersecurity throughout the U.S., with phishing scams thought to increase as more and more workers perform their duties from home.

During this nationwide “downtime,” it is more critical than ever to protect your business – including physical and human assets – from threats that are not virus related.

This is no time for scare tactics or panic. With the country on high alert, everyone is dealing with varying levels of anxiety and stress. It is absolutely crucial, though, for decision-makers to make certain all bases are covered – so that facilities remain secure and we all can return to a semblance of normalcy after the dangers of the outbreak have abated.

Secom, LLC is fully operational and able to help government agencies, corporations, and small businesses establish the security measures needed to protect against any threat.

Understanding that our customers need us now more than ever, our field technicians have volunteered to continue working rather than telecommuting.

We currently have three service trucks on the road and are able to support anyone in need. We can help you protect your business or agency, whether that involves SCIF installation, access control, cybersecurity solutions, or other measures.

Contact us to learn more and download our COVID-19 Checklist today. Let’s get through this together.