Guard Response

On Time, All the Time

Ensure your 10, 15, and 30-minute mandatory response times are met with guard response verification services through Secom. 

When an alarm is triggered for any reason at a U.S. government SCIF, secured containers, or closed rooms, time is of the essence – and the FSO on duty is at the mercy of the guard service on call.

Local police don’t have the proper clearances to respond. But Secom knows someone who does.

Our office regularly provides clients with guard response through a trusted third-party provider, and we can meet your sponsoring agency’s requirements.

Certified UL 2050

As a UL 2050 security provider, our technicians must adhere to every single one of the criteria set forth by the Underwriters Laboratory.

Our offices are regularly inspected to ensure files are safeguarded in a secure location; that encrypted signals are continuously utilized; and that a specified radius of 200 miles and/or a 4-hour response time is adhered to.

We understand how critical guard response time is for FSOs. Secom can provide the necessary guard response verification services to meet your 15 or 30-minute requirements. All other needs are readily addressed by our 24/7 emergency response team.


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