SCIF Protection

A Leader in SCIF Security

As one of a select few security providers nationwide with a UL 2050 certification, Secom knows what goes into creating an impenetrable facility designed with one objective in mind: keeping classified information classified.

We regularly install, monitor, and service SCIFs, secured containers, and closed areas, and offer:

Expedited service

Unparalleled accountability

Low annual fees

Secom also offers a clear advantage over other UL 2050 providers in that we regularly provide UL 2050 and DoD monitoring services on existing SCIF security systems, typically with no associated upfront costs.

The FSO’s Best Friend

SCIF installation and service provided the basis for Secom’s launch years ago.

We understand the plight of a Facility Security Officer faced with a SCIF door that will not arm. At that point, you either hope the security company you have on speed dial is reputable and responsive, or you pull out the cot and prepare for a long, uncomfortable stakeout until someone shows up.

Don’t spend another weekend in an isolated, windowless SCIF away from your family.

Secom is on the job 24 hours a day, and we can service any SCIF security facility within a 4-hour radius of Columbia, Md.


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