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Safe from Sound with Secom

Voices carry. Keep top secret information from falling into the wrong hands. Protect your secure facility with sound masking systems courtesy of Secom.

In accordance with criteria set forth in DCID 6/9 – Physical Security Standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities – Secom can install sound masking around the perimeter of your SCIF, secured container, or closed area.

Our technicians are proficient in building defenses for all of your facility’s sound transmission points:

Air ducts

Absorb and diffuse soundwaves from traveling through ductwork and eliminate the potential for discussions to travel through these unintentional conduits.

AV systems

If not properly secured, your AV system can serve as a source of sound leakage. We’ll make certain mics and speakers don’t inadvertently pick up or amplify confidential conversations.


By adding layers of sound-absorbing materials and/or specialized construction designed to dampen vibrations, our sound masking solutions prevent sound from seeping through to those outside the room.


Often the weakest link in sound insulation, Secom’s sound masking services utilize specialized glass for reduced sound transmission.


Protect multi-story facilities with acoustic underlayments and/or specialized floor coverings that absorb sound and prevent it from traveling throughout your building.

And more!

Evade Eavesdroppers

Secom’s work will never impact or hinder the sound quality within your secure area.

Instead, our tech is designed to eliminate eavesdropping from unauthorized individuals who may be lurking in the vicinity outside your doors.

Secom specializes in non-portable sound masking systems, including:

  • Door and window masking tech, which uses low-level white noise to overpower intentional espionage.
  • Sensors in ductwork that drown out listening devices.

By leveraging tomorrow’s technology to address today’s top secrets, Secom can find the ideal solution for your agency’s security challenges.

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