The holidays are here, and across the country, travel plans are being made as people head home for family, fellowship, and a piece of pumpkin pie.

But Top Secrets never take a day off. And Facility Security Officers are charged with the safekeeping of the facilities they oversee, including Sensitive Compartmented Informational Facilities (or SCIFs).

If a system malfunctions or a door does not arm for any reason, the FSO must wait until the security team on file responds for repair, even if that’s 15 minutes before closing time on the eve of Thanksgiving.

Without a quality closed room specialist on call, that unfortunate FSO may be spending the holidays on an uncomfortable cot in an impersonal room meant to keep the world out – and that includes the turkey, the stuffing, even the cranberries.

Here are just three ways professional SCIF installation experts can ensure you get home for the holidays on time this season.

  1. Installation is done right the first time: Meant exclusively for the storage, processing, and discussion of classified information, a government-accredited SCIF must adhere to a complex set of standards and must be impeccably sound in every way, from access control to acoustics, and everything in between. In short, there’s no room for error. Secom has more than 50 years of experience designing and installing SCIFs and closed rooms, and our team understands the most minute details of designing an impenetrable facility to safeguard the most sensitive data.
  2. Flexibility without additional fees: Most security “specialists” actually only specialize in one thing – heaping additional fees on government clients when they take over an account. But not Secom. Our crews regularly provide UL 2050 and DoD services to existing SCIFs, typically with no upfront costs.
  3. Routine inspections rule out holiday hassles: Semi-annual inspections are the norm for secure facilities, and as an authorized UL 2050 provider, Secom can directly issue all UL certificates quickly within 24 hours and without the need for a third party’s involvement.

This holiday season, don’t trust classified information to fly-by-night “door shakers.” The SCIF installation experts at Secom will respond, inspect, and maintain your closed room or secured facility whenever needed, 24 hours a day. We meet all sponsoring agency requirements, including 15, 20, and 30-minute mandatory response times, and we service all facilities within a 4-hour radius of Columbia, Md.