Visitor Entry and Management

Superior Visitor Entry Solutions

Secom’s intercom entry systems allow your front desk personnel to see and hear visitors prior to permitting entry, giving you complete control over who has visitor access privileges to your company.

Our intercom entry system solutions offer:

  • Crystal clear audio and high-definition video allow you to screen all visitors to your place of business.
  • Multi-zone functionality allows you to communicate between buildings and sites.
  • Integrate your intercom entry systems with video surveillance and access control systems to buzz in visitors from any location in your office.

Visitor Management Made Easy

Secom’s digital visitor management services can help you track and record the comings and goings of visitors to your small business.

Using our comprehensive management solutions, your guests receive a more streamlined and pleasant check-in experience:

  • Visitors can quickly and securely sign themselves in, maximizing your office’s efficiency.
  • Front desk personnel are empowered to provide a brief but warm welcome, improving professional appearances and morale.
  • Wait times are significantly reduced.

Additionally, our advanced credentialing capabilities help you provide a safer work environment for employees and guests, alike:

  • Pre-authorize visitors.
  • Visually match guests with their credentials via an online database.
  • Create watch lists for restricted individuals and/or VIPs.
  • Print visitor badges, manage key cards, generate reports, and more!
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Secom’s visitor management solutions can help you maximize your small business’s potential.

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